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Attorney Profile

My practice is limited exclusively to the representation of Social Security claimants.

I have handled Social Security claims since 1994 and began practicing Social Security law exclusively in 2003. I do not dabble in family law, criminal law, real estate, etc. I know many people who handle other areas of law, and can certainly point you in the right direction if the need arises, but if you are having problems getting your Social Security benefits or just have questions, give me a call. My practice is based in Houston, TX and I have represented over 1500 Social Security claimants throughout Metro Houston, the Gulf Coast of Texas, East Texas and the Brazos Valley. My goal is to make sure that qualified applicants receive the benefits to which they are entitled, and my entire practice is dedicated to making this happen.

I take a very hands-on approach with all clients. I handle all initial client interviews, speak with you directly through all phases of the claims process, handle any appeals which may be necessary, and personally prepare you for and represent you at your hearing if one is needed.

I am available to answer your questions at any stage of the claims process, even if you have not yet filed a claim.

Call me today for an immediate FREE detailed initial consultation.


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